The best medicine progress in the world!



The best medicine progress in the world!

Vienna Med is a network specialized in intermediating complete medical treatment services abroad.

We are specialized in finding the best specific treatment options for the health problem you are experiencing. We are aware that most of the times people would seek healthcare services abroad and that is why we are determined to help them find the clinics that are equipped with top-of-the-line medical investigations and treatment technologies, tailored to the needs of every patient.


Our services are accessible to anyone who needs support and guidance in the medical field, whether or not he or she is in Austria.
Diversity is one of our strengths!
The medical specialties we are covering include:

About Us

We will stand by you right from your first contact with us. We will make it easy for you to travel to another country to receive proper treatment for any illness you may suffer from.

Our team will guide you step by step in planning and organizing your medical visit.

We care about patients’ health, which is why the Vienna Med team will support you during the post-treatment monitoring.

Why Choose Us?

Your safety

Reliable collaboration


A choice of best clinics

Free of charge examination of medical file for people who have been diagnosed already and need a second medical opinion.


We take great pride in our partnering with top performing medical institutions that facilitate your access to services and specialists, under the best possible conditions. Our competitive advantage is that we collaborate exclusively with PhD university professor-doctors. We wish that our experience, research and dedication always come first!

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